Cultural perceptions of beauty

As I mentioned here cultural norms vary greatly and what is an ideal body changes accordingly. I wanted to share this recent article which discusses the same issue…In the end (no pun intended) women need to find peace with their bodies within because society will send you CRAZY trying to meet their standards.

“At a plastic surgery clinic in Upper Manhattan that caters to Dominicans, one of the most popular procedures is an operation to lift women’s buttocks, because — as the doctor explains — “they all like the curve.”…. In Flushing, Queens, surgeons have their attention trained a few feet higher, on upturned noses that their Chinese patients want flipped down. Russian women in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, are having their breasts enlarged, while Koreans in Chinatown are having jaw lines slimmed.”


About Ana María

Brooklyn bred Mami who loves fitness & her beautiful daughter. I'm a certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. I own Brooklyn Fit Mami Coaching, a wellness coaching practice offering individual and group coaching services. I am also an Independent Team Beachbody Coach
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