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Ideal Life Assessment


The purpose of this worksheet is to assist you in getting clear about the ideal life that is floating around in your head. Very often the dissatisfaction people feel with their everyday life is born of the “gap” between reality and the ideal life in their mind. Take your time and sit with these questions. It’s important to write out your answers. Once you do consider what you are motivated to change to lessen that “gap”.

  • Imagine you are in your ideal home. What does that look like? Describe the rooms, décor, location, and the personal touches you have around you in as much detail as you can. What would be just right for you?
  • Write down your ideal day, hour by hour. Detail who you see, what you do and where you go from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep at night.
  • In your ideal day, who did you see? What is it about those relationships that caused you to include them in your ideal day?
  • How did you feel during your ideal day? What were your emotions?
  • What did you body feel like during your ideal day? What did it look like? How were you dressed?
I hope you found these questions to be thought provoking and helpful. Take care and be well.